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The Western Australian Centre for Semiconductor Optoelectronics and Microsystems (WACSOM) was established in 2003 and the Centre manager is Prof. Mariusz Martyniuk. The WACSOM facility is a fully-equipped semiconductor fabrication laboratory which includes: chemical vapour deposition systems and thermal and electron-beam evaporators for thin film deposition (dielectrics, metals, semiconductors); reactive ion etching systems for dry etching of materials; rapid thermal annealer; photolithography facilities including mask aligners; fume hoods for chemical processing; and surface profilers and optical microscopes (Nomarski) for in-line test and inspection. The nanofabrication facility is equipped with reticulated de-ionised water, compressed air, chilled water and process gases.

The State Government funding provided, via a Western Australian State Government Centres of Excellence Program funded from the Premiers Office of Science and Innovation, to the Centre was used for specific equipment purchase and the building/refurbishment of the A. G. Nassibian Nanofabrication Facility (NNF), which is located within the School of Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering at The University of Western Australia. The Facility was commissioned in September/October 2003 and officially opened on the 20th June 2004, by the Deputy Premier, the Honorable Eric Ripper.


A wide range of projects are currently being undertaken in the facility:

  • Fabrication of infrared photodetectors, utilising on the semiconductor mercury cadmium telluride.
  • Fabrication of GaN-based devices for development of ultraviolet detectors and high performance electronic devices.
  • Fabrication of MEMS devices for integration with temperature sensitive compound semiconductors for use in optical applications.
  • Fabrication of MEMS devices for electronic components.
  • Micro-machining for fabrication of silicon-based heat-exchangers in novel refrigeration units.
  • Development of various dry etching and thin film deposition techniques for application in projects at other research institutions.

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Microelectronics Research Group

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