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The Microelectronics Research Group is an active member of the Australian Nanotechnology Network (ANN). Nanotechnology has been identified by industry and governments globally as a priority area of research, and billions of dollars have been invested in research and development. The US has launched a National Nanotechnology Initiative, and other major economies have already addressed this important need through the creation of major European and Asian networks in nanotechnology.

Nanotechnology is decidedly interdisciplinary and straddles all science and engineering disciplines.

To adequately seize the enormous research opportunities that exist in this new field, and to maximise the outcomes of such research for the nation, it is essential that links are fostered to allow researchers to interact across discipline boundaries. Australia has distinct nanotechnology thrusts in areas of nanoparticles, nano materials/devices, semiconductor electronics/optoelectronics, functional nanomaterials and polymers/composites.

ANN intends to bring together all the groups working in the field of nanotechnology and related areas in Australia. The ANN aims to substantially enhance Australia's research outcomes in this important field by promoting effective collaboration and exposing researchers to alternative and complementary approaches from other fields.

The Network will promote international links, create forum for students, young investigators and entrepreneurs, enhance the awareness of existing infrastructure and actively seek to enhance the nanotechnology infrastructure in the country, and carry out outreach activities to enhance the public awareness of nanotechnology. In order to cover the broader areas and to create critical mass, four seed funding networks have joined to create ANN.


Microelectronics Research Group

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